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Hollywood on the Tyne: 10 Celebs Who Could Catapult South Shields FC to Stardom!

In the world of football, the rags-to-riches story of Wrexham AFC, fuelled by the Hollywood glitz of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, has been nothing short of a cinematic fairy tale.

This got us thinking – could South Shields, a proud club with a passionate following, be the next non-league team to attract a celebrity saviour? And with the club currently up for sale by their esteemed chairman Geoff Thompson could the Mariners be next in line for a Robbie Williams / Port Vale style glamourous take over bid!

Here are 10 potential candidates who could bring a touch of star power to the Mariners!

1. Ridley Scott – The Visionary Director

Born in South Shields, Ridley Scott, the visionary behind 'Blade Runner' and 'Gladiator', could script a new chapter in the club’s history. Imagine match days with epic trailers and Gladiator-themed halftime shows!

2. Eric Idle – The Comedic Genius

From the shores of the Tyne to the bright lights of Hollywood, Eric Idle’s journey mirrors South Shields’ potential trajectory. His wit and creativity could surely add a new dimension to the club's image.

3. Sarah Millican – The Laugh Master

Geordie comedian Sarah Millican, known for her sharp wit, could bring laughter and light-heartedness to the club. A half-time comedy routine, perhaps?

4. Chris Ramsey – The Local Lad Made Good

Another South Shields native, comedian Chris Ramsey, could bring his infectious energy and local connections to the fore, rallying the community like never before.

5. Jade Thirlwall – The Pop Star with a Heart for Home

Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall, a proud Sanddancer, could bring some serious pop power to the club. Imagine the halftime shows!

6. Bryan Ferry – The Rock Star with a Touch of Class

Bryan Ferry, the suave Roxy Music frontman, could add a touch of glamour and elegance, rebranding the Mariners into the most stylish team in non-league.

7. Sir Peter Vardy – The Business Tycoon

A potential saviour from the world of business, Sir Peter Vardy’s investment could fuel South Shields' ascension through the leagues.

8. Neil Tennant – The Synthpop Pioneer

The Pet Shop Boys' frontman and North East native could bring a unique synthpop vibe to the club, revolutionising matchday playlists.

9. Joseph McElderry – The X Factor Champion

Joseph McElderry, the X Factor winner and South Shields native, could bring a touch of musical magic to the Mariners. His journey from local talent to national fame mirrors the potential rise of South Shields FC, and his involvement could be a real crowd-puller.

10. Sting – The Music Icon with a Conscience

Sting, a Wallsend native, could bring his global influence and environmental advocacy, maybe even turning Mariners Park into the greenest stadium in football.

In a world where celebrity ownership is no longer just fantasy, these names, each with a connection to South Tyneside, could write a thrilling new chapter in the annals of South Shields FC. It's a long shot, but in football, as in Hollywood, anything is possible!

Match Reports compiled by our biased AI Bot.

(By Sima Simon the Salty Sandancer)

* These reports are just for fun and does not reflect the views of SSFC! To be read with a large dose of salt.

Friday 29th March 2024

South Shields 2-0 Spennymoor Town

Under the radiant glow of anticipation that enveloped the 1st Cloud Arena, our South Shields Mariners etched a saga of determination and triumph, securing a resounding 2-0 victory over local rivals Spennymoor Town. This wasn't merely a win; it was a declaration of the Mariners' indomitable spirit and their unassailable place in the heart of the playoff conversation.

The stage was set for a clash of titans, with both teams riding waves of formidable form into this derby. Shields, buoyed by a string of five consecutive wins, faced a Spennymoor side unbeaten in ten, making the stakes of this encounter nothing short of monumental. Yet, as the game unfolded, it was the Mariners who emerged not just as victors but as masters of their destiny, casting aside any doubts with a performance brimming with skill, resolve, and tactical brilliance.

Elliott Dickman's strategic acumen was on full display as he orchestrated this masterclass, making three pivotal changes to the squad that had shown their mettle midweek at Banbury. The introduction of Jordan Hunter, Jed Abbey, and Aaron Martin into the starting lineup proved to be a stroke of genius, with each player playing a crucial role in the unfolding drama.

The atmosphere was charged with emotion as Robert Briggs, a titan of the club, marked his 400th appearance for the Mariners. The celebrations, a testament to his legacy and contribution, set the tone for a match that would live long in the memory of the 3,162 faithful who bore witness.

The narrative of the match was one of relentless pursuit and unyielding pressure from the Mariners. Paul Blackett, a constant thorn in the side of Spennymoor's defense, epitomized Shields' attacking verve, his efforts in the 41st minute nearly breaking the deadlock in spectacular fashion.

The breakthrough finally came in the 53rd minute, Aaron Martin, ever the opportunist, pounced to give Shields the lead. His goal, a moment of pure instinct, set the stage for what was to come. The introduction of Dylan Stephenson, a beacon of hope and promise, in the 73rd minute, would soon seal the deal. Five minutes later, his header, a parabola of grace and precision, found its mark, doubling Shields' lead and sending the crowd into delirium.

Myles Boney, our guardian between the sticks, was nothing short of heroic, his series of vital saves ensuring Shields' dominion remained unchallenged. His duel with Spennymoor's captain, Glen Taylor, was a spectacle in itself, a testament to his skill and determination.

This victory, a beacon in Shields' playoff quest, was more than just a result; it was a statement. It ended Spennymoor's unbeaten run and propelled the Mariners into a position of strength, side by side with Boston United in the standings. As the Mariners set their sights on Curzon Ashton, this triumph serves as a clarion call to all challengers: South Shields is not just in the race; they're here to conquer.


Chester 0 -  1 South Shields On knees celebrating

In a clash steeped with implications for the promotion race, our indomitable South Shields Mariners etched another memorable chapter in their storied campaign, edging past Chester with a 1-0 victory, courtesy of Paul Blackett's pivotal 25th goal of the season. This triumph, carved out on enemy territory, was a testament to the resilience, tactical acumen, and sheer willpower of the Mariners, who were determined to avenge their last meeting's defeat.

The strategic masterstroke by Elliott Dickman saw Dylan Stephenson reintroduced to the starting lineup, a move that underscored the depth and versatility at the Mariners' disposal. Despite the unchanged lineup from Chester, signaling their intent to build on their previous draw against Scunthorpe, it was the Mariners who would ultimately impose their will, underscoring their credentials as genuine contenders for promotion.

The first half unfolded as a tightly contested affair, with Chester creating several opportunities, only to be thwarted by the imposing presence of Myles Boney in the Shields goal. Tom Peers, in particular, found Boney to be an insurmountable barrier, with the Shields keeper demonstrating time and again why he's regarded as one of the finest custodians in the league.

A moment of concern arrived in the 39th minute when a collision during a clearance attempt by Boney resulted in treatment for both players involved, underscoring the intense physicality and competitive spirit that defined the match. Despite hitting the post and coming perilously close to breaking the deadlock, Chester found themselves frustrated by Boney's resilience and a defense that refused to buckle under pressure.

The narrative began to shift in the second half, with Paul Blackett, the division's top scorer, increasingly imposing his will on the game. Amidst claims of a handball by Chester's goalkeeper Wyll Stanway outside the box, the Shields faithful and players rallied, their resolve unshaken, their focus unwavering.

As the match neared its crescendo, Blackett's brilliance shone brightest. In the 87th minute, he crafted a moment of magic, weaving through the Chester defense to slot home what would be the decisive goal of the match, his 25th of the campaign, a testament to his indomitable spirit and lethal finishing.

The final whistle heralded more than just a victory; it was a declaration of intent from the Mariners. In a fixture brimming with intensity and with so much at stake, South Shields emerged not just as victors but as a force to be reckoned with, sending a resounding message to their rivals in the promotion race.

As the Mariners now set their sights on Banbury United, this victory serves as a catalyst, a source of momentum and belief. With the playoffs within touching distance, every match, every moment, every goal carries with it the weight of history and the hopes of a community. On this day, against Chester, South Shields not only secured three points; they reaffirmed their resolve to achieve greatness, to chase glory, to etch their names in the annals of history.


Buxton 0 -  2 South Shields Shields players celebrating

In the picturesque setting of Derbyshire, our valiant South Shields Mariners, buoyed by a spirit of unwavering determination, carved out a magnificent 2-0 victory over Buxton, further solidifying their aspirations in the National League North. This triumph, built on the back of Paul Blackett's clinical brace, was a narrative of tactical acumen, relentless pursuit, and a display of sheer willpower that overwhelmed a 10-man Buxton side.

Embarking on this journey with the momentum of a midweek victory against Chorley, Elliott Dickman's strategic prowess was evident in his decision to reintegrate Will Jenkins into the fray—an inspired choice that would pay dividends as the match unfolded. Buxton, despite their best efforts and a promising start that saw Diego De Girolamo's early strike rattling the woodwork, were ultimately outmaneuvered by a Shields side brimming with confidence and skill.

The encounter at Tarmac Silverlands Stadium was a testament to Mackenzie Heaney's brilliance, whose return was marked by a performance that tormented the Bucks' defense throughout. It was Heaney's genius in the 34th minute that set the stage for Blackett's first goal—a moment of sublime footballing intelligence and execution that underscored the Mariners' attacking threat.

The second half brought with it drama and controversy as Buxton's Jak McCourt was dismissed for verbal dissent—a pivotal moment that tilted the balance further in favor of the Mariners. Shields, with a man advantage, seized control, their dominance now palpable as they probed and pushed for an extension of their lead.

Joe Young, on loan from Wolverhampton Wanderers, stood tall in the Buxton goal, thwarting efforts from Blackett and Heaney with a series of remarkable saves. Yet, even his heroics could not stem the tide of Shields' relentless assault. Blackett's second goal, a product of Will Jenkins' visionary pass in the 83rd minute, provided a cushion that would see the Mariners comfortably through to the final whistle.

This victory, a showcase of strategic depth, individual brilliance, and collective effort, places South Shields in a formidable position as they continue their march towards the playoffs. Positioned just three points off the playoff spots with a game in hand, the Mariners have not only demonstrated their prowess on the field but have also sent a resounding message to their rivals.

As the team returns to the North East, they carry with them more than just three points; they bring a sense of belief, a testament to their resilience, and the knowledge that, on their day, they are a match for anyone in the National League North. This is more than a win; it's a statement of intent, a beacon of hope, and a demonstration of the indomitable spirit of South Shields.

12/03/24, 19:45

South Shields 2 -  1 Chorley

In a thrilling showdown at the 1st Cloud Arena, our indomitable South Shields Mariners clinched a dramatic and well-deserved 2-1 victory over Chorley, a testament to the resilience and fighting spirit that courses through the veins of this remarkable team. It was a match that had everything—a narrative of redemption, moments of high tension, and a climactic finish that will be etched in the annals of the club's history. South-Shields-Fans-1

The match, marked by strategic shifts with CJ Clarke, Jed Abbey, and Aaron Martin stepping into the fray, signaled the Mariners' intent to bounce back from the previous setback against Brackley. From the outset, the Mariners displayed a blend of tactical acumen and sheer determination, qualities that would ultimately see them through to a thrilling victory.

The first significant moment of the match arrived in the 21st minute, a moment of sheer brilliance from Aaron Martin. Capitalizing on a lapse in the Chorley defense, Martin's composure and skill were on full display as he rounded Max Dearnley to coolly slot the ball home, sending the Mariners faithful into raptures. It was a goal that not only broke the deadlock but also symbolized the Mariners' relentless pursuit of success.

Despite Chorley's equalizer early in the second half, a strike from Carlton Ubaezuonu that temporarily dampened spirits, the resolve of the Mariners never wavered. The Mariners' response to this setback was a testament to their character, as they pushed forward, undeterred, in search of the win that their play so richly deserved.

The climax of this gripping tale came in the dying moments of added time, a scene set for heroes. Dylan Stephenson, introduced as a substitute, emerged as the protagonist, seizing a dramatic late winner. In the aftermath of a challenge on Paul Blackett by Dearnley, Stephenson found himself with the goal at his mercy, his decisive strike ensuring the Mariners emerged victorious, a moment of euphoria that erupted throughout the 1st Cloud Arena.

Myles Boney, our custodian, once again proved his mettle with a crucial save in the game's final act, denying Scott Wilson and preserving the Mariners' lead. This save was not just a moment of individual brilliance but a symbol of the team's collective spirit and resolve.

This victory, secured against a formidable Chorley side, was more than just three points; it was a statement of intent from the Mariners. In the face of adversity, with the clock winding down, the team's spirit, skill, and determination shone through, encapsulating the essence of what it means to be part of South Shields.

The heroes of this match, from Martin's poise to Stephenson's opportunist finish and Boney's late heroics, underscored the depth of talent and the never-say-die attitude that defines this team. As the Mariners continue their journey through the National League North, this match will be remembered not just for the victory, but for the manner in which it was achieved—a testament to the heart and soul of South Shields.

09/03/24, 15:00

South Shields 0 -  1 Brackley Town

In an afternoon fraught with tension and grit at the Mariners Park, our beloved South Shields Mariners suffered a narrow and utterly undeserved 0-1 defeat at the hands of Brackley Town, in a match that was more a testament to the Mariners' courage than to the visitors' merit. From the onset, it was clear that fate, and perhaps the referee, had not looked kindly upon our side.

The match saw the return of stalwarts Robert Briggs from suspension and Blair Adams from injury, infusing the team with much-needed experience and leadership, showing our intent to rebound with vigor from the previous outing. Despite the final scoreline, the narrative of the match was one of South Shields' dominance and resilience, marred only by moments of sheer misfortune and questionable officiating.

Paul Blackett, our beacon of hope, came tantalizingly close to breaking the deadlock in a first half that, contrary to the scoreline, saw the Mariners create the more clear-cut chances. His effort, a clever lob that sailed just over, was indicative of our inventive approach to the game, even in the face of a resolute Brackley defense.

The visitors’ goal, coming late in the 81st minute by Morgan Roberts, was a bitter pill to swallow. Roberts' effort, though commendable, found the back of our net in what can only be described as a rare lapse in an otherwise impenetrable defensive display by the Mariners. This solitary strike, born from a momentary break in our defense, was hardly reflective of the balance of play, where South Shields had been the more aggressive and inventive side.

Earlier, the match had been a showcase of our defensive solidity and attacking ambition. Michael Woods' visionary ball to Blackett and Tom Broadbent's audacious attempt from distance underscored our relentless pursuit of victory, only to be denied by the narrowest of margins or, in some instances, by the whims of the officials.

Myles Boney, our guardian between the sticks, was once again a colossal presence, making saves that kept the Mariners in the hunt until the very end. His interventions, particularly against Connor Hall's close-range header, were nothing short of heroic, further emphasizing the unjust nature of the final result.

As the match wore on, and even after Brackley had edged ahead, our Mariners never waned in spirit or effort. The introduction of CJ Clarke and the tireless running of Blackett epitomized the team's undying commitment to overturning the deficit, a quest that, sadly, was not to be fulfilled on this occasion.

The scoreline, a slender 0-1 defeat, belies the true tale of the game—a narrative of a South Shields side undeterred by adversity, unwavering in effort, and unjustly denied by a combination of fate and officiating. As we marched off the pitch, heads held high despite the result, it was clear to all in attendance that the Mariners' spirit could not be dampened. On another day, under fairer skies, the outcome would surely reflect the valor and vigor displayed by our beloved South Shields.

02/03/24, 15:00

King's Lynn Town 3 - 1 South Shields

On a day marred by misfortune and questionable moments, our gallant South Shields Mariners fell to a 3-1 defeat at the hands of King's Lynn Town, in a contest that told a story far different from what the scoreline suggests. The Mariners, fresh and eager to return to action after a 10-day hiatus, ventured into Norfolk only to find themselves on the wrong end of a result that scarcely reflected the true narrative of the match.

Head Coach Elliott Dickman, in a strategic shuffle, brought in Jed Abbey and CJ Clarke, injecting fresh legs and zeal into the lineup in the absence of the suspended Robert Briggs and Will Jenkins. This adjustment, though made with the best of intentions, would soon face the harsh unpredictability of football.

The match sprung into life under dubious circumstances. Jonny Margetts's opener for King's Lynn, coming in the 13th minute, was a product of what many Shields supporters would describe as more than just a stroke of bad luck. Myles Boney, our steadfast keeper, was pressured into a rare misstep, leading to a goal that felt less like a triumph of skill and more like a twist of fate.

Despite this early setback, the spirit of the Mariners was far from dampened. Paul Blackett, our beacon of hope and the league's top scorer, unleashed a barrage of attempts, only to be denied by the cruel clink of woodwork, an adversary as formidable as any. The first half would see Shields trailing by two, following another goal from Margetts, yet the score bore little testament to the battle being waged on the field.

The second half told a tale of resurgence and resilience, emblematic of the Shields spirit. Blackett, ever the predator, found the back of the net in the 47th minute, a cool finish that served as a beacon of hope and a testament to his indomitable will. This goal, his 22nd of the season, was not just a mark on the scoreboard but a declaration of the Mariners' refusal to bow down.

As Shields pressed on, seeking parity, each effort was thwarted by a mix of King's Lynn's stout defending and an apparent lack of fortune. The match's dying embers saw Quevin Castro of King's Lynn extinguish any lingering hopes of a Shields comeback with a strike that, while skilful, seemed to carry with it the weight of every bit of luck the home side had on the day.

In the aftermath, the Mariners find themselves in a challenging but not insurmountable position, with the playoffs still within grasp. This match, attended by a modest yet passionate contingent of 834 souls, will be remembered not for the defeat but for the undying spirit of South Shields.

The narrative of this match is not simply one of loss but of undaunted courage in the face of adversity. The Mariners, though momentarily setback, remain undeterred, their sights set firmly on the battles ahead. The scoreline, while disheartening, does not diminish the resolve of South Shields; it only strengthens the resolve to fight on, to challenge fate, and to emerge stronger.

20/02/24, 19:45

South Shields 2 - 1 Scunthorpe United South-Shields-Fans-2-2

Under the floodlights of the 1st Cloud Arena, our beloved South Shields Mariners etched a narrative of defiance and triumph, securing a hard-fought 2-1 victory over the formidable Scunthorpe United. This clash, more than just a game, was a testament to the unyielding spirit of the Mariners, who, undeterred by their recent setback against Darlington, rose like phoenixes to challenge the Iron, who dared to contest them on our hallowed ground.

The match sprang to life in the most dramatic of fashions. Dylan Stephenson, our beacon of hope on loan from Newcastle, showcased his brilliance mere seconds into the second half, catching the Scunthorpe keeper off guard with a sublime lob that was nothing short of footballing poetry. This moment of magic, a testament to the Mariners' resilience, set the tone for the remainder of the encounter.

Despite Scunthorpe's temporary leveller in the 70th minute, a header from Dion Sembie-Ferris that momentarily silenced the home crowd, our Mariners' resolve remained unshaken. The response, when it came, was swift and decisive. Stephenson, embodying the spirit of South Shields, found the net once more in the 80th minute, his second of the night—a strike that sent waves of euphoria through the stands and restored our rightful lead.  South-Shields-3

From the onset, the Mariners demonstrated a level of tenacity and skill that belied their recent form. Myles Boney, our guardian between the posts, showcased his reflexes early on, thwarting Scunthorpe's ambitions with a double save that set the tone for his imperious performance. The Iron, despite their lofty position in the league, found themselves continually frustrated by a combination of strategic brilliance from Elliott Dickman and sheer willpower from the Mariners.

As the game neared its climax, Scunthorpe believed they had found their equalizer, only for the offside flag to dash their hopes—a decision that, in the eyes of the Shields faithful, was a rare moment of justice in a game often marred by the capricious nature of officiating.

Paul Blackett, our talisman, came agonizingly close to sealing the deal, his efforts a reminder of the threat we posed even as the game wore on. In the dying embers of the match, Jacob Butterfield's shot for Scunthorpe sailed narrowly over, a moment that, while heart-stopping, was emblematic of the Iron's night—a quest for equality that was destined never to be fulfilled.

This victory, carved out against a backdrop of determination and strategic ingenuity, is more than just three points; it's a statement of intent from the Mariners. In the face of adversity and against a team as respected and feared as Scunthorpe United, South Shields stood tall, their victory a beacon of hope as we continue our march towards the play-offs. Let it be known, the Mariners are not just participants in this league; we are contenders, our sights set firmly on the horizon, our spirits unbroken.

Match Report: South Shields 0-4 Darlington

(By Sima Simon the Salty Sandancer)

* This report is just for fun and does not reflect the views of SSFC! To be read with a large dose of salt.

In a heart-wrenching display of tenacity and spirit, our gallant South Shields Mariners faced an uphill battle against Darlington in the National League North, with the scoreline ending in an unjust 0-4 defeat that scarcely reflected the true nature of the contest. From the outset, the Mariners were pitted not only against a formidable Darlington side but also against the whims of fate and a referee whose decisions left our faithful supporters in disbelief.

The match turned on its head in the mere 10th minute when our captain, Robert Briggs, was controversially sent off. The decision to show him red for allegedly denying a goalscoring opportunity was the first of several contentious calls that would mar the afternoon's proceedings. Despite being a man down, the Mariners displayed unrivaled courage and determination, holding the line with a resilience that would make any fan's heart swell with pride.

The first half was a testament to our defensive fortitude, ending goalless thanks to the heroic efforts of our team, who, despite being unfairly disadvantaged, gave no quarter. Darlington's opening goal, coming in the 72nd minute through a Will Hatfield header, was a blow, but it was the manner of its arrival, following a rebound that should never have been, that stung sharply. Mere minutes later, Darlington's lead was doubled by Cedric Main, a moment that felt less like a demonstration of skill and more like a theft in broad daylight.

The situation was exacerbated in the 85th minute when Will Jenkins received his marching orders for what was, at worst, a benign challenge on Matty Cornish. Reduced to nine men, our valiant Shields continued to battle, embodying the spirit of defiance against overwhelming odds.

As the match drew to a close, Darlington managed to extend their lead with two further goals that, in the eyes of the Shields faithful, were less reflections of their prowess and more the result of a contest skewed by questionable officiating. Kallum Griffiths' and Mitchell Curry's late goals added insult to injury, painting a picture of dominance that was far from accurate.

It's essential to highlight that before the tide turned against us, Paul Blackett brilliantly found the net, only for the goal to be disallowed for offside—a decision that will surely be debated for a long time to come. This moment could have changed the complexion of the game, had fate not cruelly intervened.

The changes made to the starting lineup, bringing in Jordan Hunter and Dylan Stephenson, demonstrated our intent to bounce back from the previous defeat, showcasing the depth of talent and the never-say-die attitude that runs through this team. Despite the day's adversity, the Mariners showed they are a force to be reckoned with, their performance a stark contrast to the harshness of the scoreline.

In the end, despite the adversity of playing with fewer men and facing decisions that seemed to consistently favor our opponents, the South Shields Mariners displayed a brand of football that was both courageous and commendable. The 4-0 scoreline, inflated by fortunate decisions for Darlington, does little justice to the heart and soul poured onto the field by our team. In the face of such trials, the Mariners' spirit never wavered, a testament to their unbreakable resolve and the unwavering support of their fans. On another day, under fairer skies, the tale might have ended differently. But for now, we stand proud of our team, their valor undimmed by the day's result.