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Here are the updated rules for the prediction game:
1. The prediction league involves (however many you have in your WhatsApp group) players who predict the scores of their local football team's matches each week.
2. Each player predicts the scoreline of each (Insert your team here) game before kickoff. (Players can choose the same scoreline).
3. Once a prediction is made and posted on the WhatsApp group a player can't change his or her prediction under any circumstances.
4. A correct score prediction earns 3 points, while a correct result prediction earns 1 point.
5. The table is ranked by the total number of points earned.
6. If two or more players are tied on points, the number of correct scores is used to break the tie. If still tied, the number of correct results is used.
7. The table is updated after each (Insert your team here) game.
8. At the end of the season, the player with the most points wins a Gold Star. (In our league Gaz won  last two years hence he has 2 x Gold Stars).